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The State is emerging as the seed bowl of the country with its favourable agro climinatic conditions and required infrastructure for seed production. The state has best of the agricultural research institutions of National and International repute to supplement and augment production, productivity and development of new varieties and hybrids. The seeds produced in this State are widely preferred for its good luster, purity and favourable storage conditions for long storage there by validity.

The seeds Corporation which is the only State Public sector Undertaking for seed production which produces various crop seeds of different classes. The Corporation is the Nodal agency meeting the seed requirement of the Department of Agriculture in the state. With emphasis on the production of seeds through individual farmers for imporing their livelihood, as per the initiative of the Government of Telangana State the corporation is distributing seeds on subsidy for seed production besides seed distribution.

Objectives of the Corporation

  • Breeder seed production in oil seeds (Groundnut) Bajra and Sorghum in co-ordination with ICRISAT Agri Uniersity
  • Assistance in Breeder seed production.
  • Foundation seed production.
  • Certified Seed Production.
  • Quality seed production of pre-released and non-notified varieties.
  • Seed Processing, packing and storage
  • Seed Marketing and Distribution.
  • Seed supplies to different areas under contingency programmes.
  • Maintenance of Seed Bank of F/s & C/s.
  • Collaboration in seed technology research.
  • Co-ordination in seed import.
  • Consultancy and trading.
  • Extension.


Production: The corporation organised seed production of 3.90 lakh Qtls. during the year 2014-15 and planned 5.06 Qtls. of seed production during 2015-16 The Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR), New Delhi recognised the Corporation as one of the Institute for production of breeder seed in Oil seed crops Jowar & Bajra. TSSDC Ltd., became the highest production organisation of Foundation and Certified Groundnut seed in the country. Consequently the area and Production of Groundnut in Telangana have increased substantially. TSSDC Ltd., is one of the Corporation & which produced large quantities of Foundation and Certified seed of a number of varieties of paddy, pulses, oil seeds, fibre crops, vegetables and green manure.TSSDC Ltd. is recgonised by ICRISAT for its outstanding partnership between PJSTA,SFCI, NSC and ICRISAT's Grain Legume Research Programme.

Quality Control

A Central Quality Control Laboratory was established in 1983 at Jeedimetla, Hyderabad to have Quality Assurance. The Central Quality Control Staff inspects the seed production plots and seed lots at random at all the units with regard to maintenance of quality of seed. All the seed samples of the Corporation are analysed in the central quality control laboratory for physical purity germination etc. and conduct internal grow-out tests in own farms to assess the genetic purity of the Hybrid seeds being produced by TSSDC. The lab at Jeedimetla is upgraded under RKVY scheme.


The Corporation supplies seed to farmers through its own outlets, Primary Agricultural Cooperative Societies, DCMS, Dealers etc.